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Telstra Sucks.

Why does Telstra suck?

  • Extremely poor customer service
  • Excessive waiting times for telephone support
  • When you do get through the operator is clearly overseas with very poor language skills and there is a rooster usually crowing in the background
  • The My Telstra App fails to login 7 out of 10 times and Telstra offers absolutely no support for this App
  • When the App happens to work, and you message Telstra and after waiting anything up to 2 hours for a reply. The support person takes you around and around by repeatedly repeating what you've said to confirm that's what you've said (it is infuriating). Then they transfer you because they have no idea how to help you, but the new person cannot access the discussion and you have to start all over again!
  • Tech support is almost impossible to get, or it takes hours and hours to get an answer
  • Very few stores and if there are any problems, they say call Telstra or refer you to the My Telstra App
  • Telstra's websites are poorly laid out, buggy and difficult to use
  • Purchasing anything online results in questions which take hours to get answered
  • NBN service regularly goes down or the modem fails and needs to be restarted
  • Telstra cannot measure the products they sell such as an iPhone Pro - they claim a Pro is 6.7" - there is nowhere on this model that is 6.7"

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Unmasking Unsatisfactory Businesses: "AllThe.Exposed"

In an age where online reviews heavily influence purchasing decisions, our dedicated website, "AllThe.Exposed," stands out by providing a dedicated platform for consumers to call out, review, and critique businesses that fail to deliver satisfactory service or products. This innovative site aims to empower customers, promote transparency, and hold businesses accountable for their practices.

The Mission of AllThe.Exposed

AllThe.Exposed was created with a clear mission: to provide a voice to consumers who have experienced poor customer service, defective products, or false advertising. The site acts as a watchdog, ensuring that businesses uphold their promises and deliver quality products and services. By highlighting both individual and systemic issues within various industries, AllThe.Exposed seeks to drive improvements and foster a consumer-friendly market.

Key Features of AllThe.Exposed

  1. Detailed Reviews and Ratings:
    Users can post comprehensive reviews about their experiences with businesses. These reviews include ratings based on specific criteria such as customer service, product quality, delivery times, and overall satisfaction. This detailed feedback helps other consumers make informed decisions.
  2. Verified Consumer Reports:
    To maintain credibility, AllThe.Exposed verifies reviews through purchase receipts, order confirmations, and other supporting documentation. This ensures that the reviews are genuine and based on actual transactions.
  3. Company Response and Resolution:
    Businesses have the opportunity to respond to reviews and address the issues raised. AllThe.Exposed facilitates a resolution process, encouraging companies to make amends and improve their services.
  4. Top Offenders List:
    A dynamic list of the worst-rated businesses is prominently displayed, based on user feedback and ratings. This list serves as a warning to potential customers and a motivator for businesses to rectify their shortcomings.
  5. Consumer Advocacy and Education:
    Beyond reviews, AllThe.Exposed offers resources and articles on consumer rights, tips for resolving disputes, and advice on how to avoid common pitfalls when shopping or hiring services.

Impact and Importance

AllThe.Exposed plays a crucial role in protecting consumers from unscrupulous businesses. By shining a light on subpar practices, it encourages higher standards across industries. Consumers gain a sense of empowerment and trust, knowing they have a platform to share their experiences and be heard.


In a marketplace where the customer's voice often gets lost, AllThe.Exposed provides a much-needed outlet for feedback and accountability. It not only helps consumers make better choices but also pushes businesses to improve their offerings. With its comprehensive review system and commitment to transparency, AllThe.Exposed is an indispensable tool for consumers worldwide.